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Hello, I am Coach Clark or also known as Coach Fit One. I am your Coach for all your fitness needs; weight loss, athlete training, disabled compatibility, nutrition, and mindset motivation. Fit4Yu has grown over the years and we are continuing to reach all over the world.We provide services to meet everyones busy schedules. To name a few we provide one-on-one, semi and group training, online, and we have a mobility service where we will come to you. We also provide services to the elderly, young athletes, disabled individuals, and for those who are just starting on their journey. 

Fit4Yu was created with the mind and heart to provide individual services to each individual that meet their needs no matter the journey. We have had clients come in to train for sports, better their ability, weight loss, start a new hobby, and for others to better their health or mobility.

What sets us apart from others is the coaching method that Coach Fit One provides. Contouring each workout plan, nutrition plan, and services is customized each time you come and work out with us. You will never find a better service and see results as others have when working out with coach and find the right workout method for you.


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